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Starting your free 7-day trial is easy!

1. Click here to select the right myFirmData product for you and download your install file. 2. Install the program, and then you will be prompted to Create a Trial Account. 3. Log In using the email & password that you use for Clio. 4. When you see “myFirmData would like to connect with your Clio account:” select Allow Access for the secure connection to your Clio account to begin. 5. When you see our Dashboard, you are ready to go!

We suggest our YouTube channel as a great place to start for all sorts of informational and training videos, and you can start with our 10-minute demo of what myFirmData can do by clicking here.We hope that myFirmData is helpful to you and your firm. If there is anything we can do to help, please contact us at [email protected].