Stop managing spreadsheets.
Start managing your firm.

Use our simple custom reporting tool to analyze your Clio data and better understand financial trends, productivity, and more.

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Create Custom Reports

Select the fields you want to include in your report, including any of your custom fields.  Group, Sort, and Filter your data with the click of a button.

Run Delivered Reports

We have included over 50 report templates that are ready to run, and we keep adding more all the time.  Use them as-is, or edit them to meet your firm’s needs.


Save Your Reports

Save any new report you create, or any Delivered Report that you update.  Come back to work on it later or run it anytime you need it.

Preview & Export

Preview and analyze your data using our interactive spreadsheet.  You can print it, or export it as a PDF, CSV, or Excel file for further analysis.

Why Do I Need A Reporting Tool?

Track Your Finances

Analyze your billing, collections, and performance by timekeepers or any other field in your report.

Save Time

Run your reports without having to dump data and merge spreadsheets, and save them to run anytime you need them.

Oversee Operations

Audit the work being done by your lawyers and staff, and find issues before they become problems.

Do It Yourself

Create and edit complex reports without any coding.  All you need to know how to do is click, drag, and drop.

Monitor Workflow

Track deadlines, tasks, and dates that are important to the firm.

Get the Details

Discover the details behind Clio’s summary reports and add additional fields to reveal more about your firm’s business.

Include custom fields

Include all of your firm’s Matter and Contact custom fields in your reports, and group and sort by them as needed.

Improve Customer Service

Create reports that your clients need, or show them that your firm is adding value to their business.

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