frequently asked questions

Your firm can create a variety of reports including reports on your matters, billing and timekeeping, expenses, bank accounts, contacts and clients, calendars, tasks and more. We offer more than 250 fields that you can choose from to create your own reports including all of your matter and contact custom fields.

Check out our YouTube channel here with a variety of YouTube videos including our 10-minute demo that will give you a great overview of exactly what myFirmData can do to help your firm. While you are there, check out our other videos to learn more about how myFirmData works.

Yes. myFirmData is compatible with both Mac and PC.

myFirmData is only $49 per reporting user per month. Most firms may only have one or two users that would need to run reports, even if they are in a 20-person firm. Each user that needs to run reports will need their own subscription to myFirmData for $49/month.

We are only available on for customers on Clio’s US servers, but we will be available world-wide soon!

Yes! Clio offers a variety of reports. However, many firms need to add additional information into their Clio reports or report on different information from the standard Clio reports. Firms can use myFirmData to add additional information to their reports, including all the firm’s custom fields.

Please reach out to us at [email protected] and we can answer any question that you may have about how to use myFirmData. We can also schedule a screen sharing session to answer more complicated questions and help you get more out of myFirmData.

Our Delivered Reports are for you! These are pre-built reports will help jump start the creation of your own custom reports. Find a report that you would like to customize, edit and save your own custom reports.

Yes! With Clio, each report needs to be created from scratch. By using myFirmData, your reports can be created and saved for your use anytime.

All the myFirmData reports can be exported to .csv or Excel for further analysis. Additional grouping and sorting can be accomplished by exporting your Clio data to Excel, including charts, graphs, and pivot tables.

Unfortunately, no. Since myFirmData provides access to all the data within Clio, including financial data, all myFirmData users must be an administrator on their Clio account to use myFirmData.

Of course. myFirmData is a month-to-month subscription and you can cancel at any time. The easiest way to cancel your subscription is to log into your myFirmData account, choose the Home menu, choose User Settings, and click on the X to cancel your account.

Yes! Contact us for special pricing for nonprofits and legal aid organizations.